Garden village highlighted in future plan for Stafford Borough 


    Garden village highlighted in future plan for Stafford Borough 

    New schools, a GP surgery, indoor leisure, and railway station could be part of a garden village which is being discussed by senior councillors in Stafford next week.

    The site in the north of Stafford Borough will have a network of cycling and walking routes with around 6,000 homes and up to 30 hectares of employment land overall.

    The proposed garden village is highlighted in a Cabinet report to consider the council’s ‘New Local Plan’ which ensures development is regulated across the borough until 2040.

    Members of the Cabinet will be asked to approve a public consultation on the ‘New Local Plan - Preferred Options Report’ to be launched next month. If agreed the seven-week consultation would include the plans being available in libraries, public exhibitions and drop-in sessions. People will also be able to view the plans and take part in the consultation through the council’s website.

    In the report, which will be discussed on Thursday (6 October), councillors will be told that it is important to make progress on the ‘New Local Plan’ so that policies are in place, and potential land for building is allocated to control future development in the borough.

    The ‘Local Plan,’ along with all the comments, is due to go before the Secretary of State in late 2023 who will then appoint an Independent Planning Inspector to set up a public examination to decide whether the plan is sound.

    Councillor Frances Beatty, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Planning, said: “It is very important we have an up to date, adopted plan so that everybody will know where can be developed, how much development will be allowed, and when this will happen.”

    Members of the Cabinet will hear that since the current plan was adopted in 2014 significant changes in national planning guidelines have been introduced which have had an impact on the council’s local policies.

    One of the potential developments included in the ‘New Local Plan’ is the garden village - with the working title of Meecebrook. The proposed ‘garden’ project near Cold Meece has already received government backing of around £1.4 million to help prepare infrastructure studies to see if the scheme is viable.

    Councillor Beatty continued: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this borough to deliver a new community which we want to be the blueprint for best practice in so many fields such as the environment, transport, education, and housing.

    “It is good that we have secured funding to investigate the feasibility of making this happen.”

    The full cabinet report is expected to be available from Wednesday (28 September) at Cabinet | Stafford Borough Council (  

    You can also keep up to date from our dedicated Meecebrook webpage

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