Have your say on climate change plans


    A plan to reduce the impact of climate change is out for public consultation in Stafford Borough.

    Residents, businesses and organisations across the borough will have the opportunity to give their views on the draft ‘Climate Change Strategy’ produced by Stafford Borough Council.

    The draft strategy was given the green light by the council’s Cabinet in January.

    It follows the declaration of a climate change emergency passed by the council last year - with a commitment that the authority would be carbon neutral by 2040. The council was recognised as one of the leaders in the region by a national Friends of the Earth Survey on how climate friendly local authorities are.

    The strategy includes a number of successful initiatives that have already been introduced by the authority to reduce carbon emissions and sets out plans for the future including: 

    • How the council will further reduce emissions from its own activities
    • Work with partners to achieve carbon neutrality
    • How it will monitor and review progress

    Part of the strategy will see an up to date carbon audit of the council undertaken to identify which areas and activities of the authority need to be targeted as the first steps to tackle the problem.

    Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Environment, urged everyone to give their feedback on the strategy as part of the consultation.

    He said: “This strategy sets out how we aim to achieve carbon neutrality and work with others to become a more sustainable borough. I would encourage our residents, businesses, and all the community groups and local organisations to tell us what they think of our plans.

    “The authority, and my fellow councillors, have a key role to play in achieving a sustainable climate - but we cannot do it on our own. This is everybody’s responsibility - and we need to work with, and have the support of, our whole community.”

    Over recent years the council has introduced new cremators that recycle heat at the Tixall Road crematorium in Stafford, installed solar panels on the roof of its Civic Centre and changed boilers in the building to reduce energy consumption.

    To find a copy of the draft strategy and to take part in the consultation go to www.staffordbc.gov.uk/surveys. The consultation will close on Sunday 1 March.

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