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    Cllr Pert

    Time is ticking away for people to nominate an unsung hero for an award in Stafford Borough. 

    The deadline is Monday 27 September for nominations on a range of categories from Local Hero to sporting achievements for Stafford Borough Council’s ‘Community Awards.’ 

    The ‘Community Awards’ are now in their fifth year and recognise the efforts of local people, businesses, schools and other groups that help to support and improve the community. 

    The council expects many nominations from the great deeds being carried out throughout the last 12 months during some of the most challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    But with time running out people are being urged to get their nominations in as soon as possible if they want to acknowledge local heroes. 

    The categories are Local Hero, Community Action, Environmental Improvement and Social Wellbeing, as well as a category to recognise sporting achievements in the borough - which was introduced as part of the awards last year. 

    Nominations are open to all people, groups and organisations operating within the borough with projects that have been running during the last 12 months. 

    To find out more about the criteria for each category, and to nominate, go to 

    The winners will be announced at a ceremony at Rising Brook Church in November.

    The awards ceremony last year was held virtually and winners included Fulford Parish Community Action Group who supported more than 400 people with shopping, prescriptions, hospital appointments or making welfare calls and Mai Al-Khaldi for supporting the elderly community during the pandemic. 

    Councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities and Health, said: “In the face of another challenging 12 months we have seen great things from many individuals, volunteers, groups and businesses and the most difficult task will be determining a winner, because they are all deserving of our heartfelt thanks, recognition and respect. 

    “It is amazing to hear about all the selfless work they do for the benefit of others. Their work often goes unnoticed, so these awards give us the opportunity to pay tribute to them and demonstrate that we value all that they do.” 

    More information and a full list of 2020 winners from

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