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Litter campaign is child's play



    The work of a primary schoolgirl is helping the fight to reduce litter in Stafford.

    Ten year old Evie Stanley has designed stickers to encourage people to put their litter in bins.

    Now designs by the Flash Ley pupil are being displayed on rubbish bins across the town. 

    Hundreds of children, across Key Stages one and two, from four local schools participated in a competition to create a poster to urge people to put their rubbish in bins and not leave it on the ground. Evie’s work came top of the lot and the picture is now also being used on ‘Thank You’ cards given out by the Mayor of Stafford Borough, Councillor Ray Barron.

    Runners up from Burton Manor Primary, Rowley Park Academy and Blessed Mother Teresa will see their designs used on bins near their schools.

    Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said: “The schools and children were really enthusiastic about taking part. This is great to hear because these little ambassadors will be able to educate brothers, sisters, friends and parents about it not being acceptable to drop litter.

    “People are rightly upset when people treat our borough as a giant dustbin and we take a zero tolerance approach to anyone caught discarding litter. We have fined, and even prosecuted, a number of people who are caught littering.”

    All the schools that took part were given funding to help with environmental projects.

    Last year nearly 250 people were fined or prosecuted for environmental crimes such as littering.

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