Litter campaign targets the L plates


    Frank Finlay and Luke Hill aged 17 learner driver

    A new initiative to highlight the problem of littering from vehicles has been launched.

    Stafford Borough Council is working with driving schools in the borough to ensure learners are aware of the penalties for throwing rubbish out of cars.

    It is part of an anti-litter campaign which has seen many businesses and organisations sign a pledge to do their bit to help keep the borough clean. 

    Now the council has sent hundreds of information cards to around 30 driving schools across the borough to hand out to new motorists. The pocket sized card also contains space for lesson dates and times which the council hope will encourage students to keep hold of them.

    Last year more than 240 people were fined or prosecuted for littering offences. But litter thrown from vehicles was highlighted as a problem with complaints from the public about cans and fast food packaging on highways and grass verges.

    Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said: “We have had a very positive response from businesses, organisations and the public for our efforts to keep the borough clean.

    “One issue is the amount on and around highways which has been thrown from vehicles. So it is good to hear that the future generation of motorists are going to be warned from the word go why this is totally unacceptable and what to expect if they do litter the borough.” 

    It costs around £1 million of tax payers’ money to keep the borough clean.    

    Megan Hall, from ‘Megan’s school of Motoring, who welcomed the new scheme, said: “We are proud of developing our students into good and considerate drivers who respect the rules of the road and the environment. 

    “It is unacceptable to throw litter from the car and this information card will help emphasise the cost and the penalties involved with littering.”

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