Litter louts hit with fines after fly tipping in Stafford Borough 


    Fly Tipping

    Fines totalling nearly £1,000 have been handed to litter louts in Stafford Borough over the last few weeks. 

    The separate incidents took place in Stafford and surrounding villages with four offenders handed fixed penalty notices ranging from £100 to £400. 

    They included a man who discarded the packaging from an inflatable dinghy near the river at Essex Bridge in the village of Great Haywood. And a woman in Stafford who dumped ten bags of household waste in an alley close to the Weston Road in Stafford. 

    A woman in Stoke claimed she paid £20 to a ‘waste remover’ she contacted on Facebook to get rid of an old bed and headboard – which was later found near Blythe Bridge. And finally, a woman from Hixon alleged she had paid two people she ‘bumped into in the village’ to remove household waste – which was discovered in a lane only half a mile away from her home. 

    Stafford Borough Council say fly tipping increased during the lockdown periods with many incidents attributed to home DIY. Last month the council released CCTV footage, of cabinets and furniture being dumped by two men from the back of a van in Stone, in a bid to trace the offenders. 

    It has cost the local authority more than £30,000 over the last 12 months to clean up fly tipping.  

    The council has a dedicated webpage - - to highlight illegal rubbish dumps –- and how residents can get in touch with information.    

    Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Environment, said they needed the public’s help in tracing those responsible for littering and would not hesitate to issue fines or prosecute those caught. 

    “The vast majority of our residents have respect for our borough and are sick and tired of seeing it blighted by those irresponsible litter louts. It is not only bad for the environment; it can hurt potential investment into the area – and the cost of clearing it is picked up by the local taxpayer. 

    “Our message is very clear; we will fine or prosecute those caught dumping rubbish illegally. But we do need people and businesses to help us by providing information to trace offenders.” 

    To contact the council in confidence email or call 01785 619402.

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