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    New calendars showing collection days for residents are being delivered to homes across the borough from next week.

    And it will be the last time all householders will be sent a calendar through the post as the council look to reduce the amount of paper it produces and save taxpayers money as part of its climate change strategy.

    All details of the day and type of collection can already be found online at using the postcode of their address. Although residents still wanting a copy of their calendar can request one from the local authority.

    The calendar also includes a booklet about what can and can’t be recycled along with information about what happens to recycling and other waste when collected from the kerbside.

    Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Environment, said the local authority wanted to achieve carbon neutrality from its own activities as soon as they could.

    “We are looking at the services we deliver internally and externally and what changes we can make to help reduce the impact of climate change. One of those ways is to reduce the amount of printing we produce - especially when so many more people have access to the internet now.

    “We will be sending out around 60,000 calendars and booklets this month, but with all that information available online already it makes sense for us to save on resources going forward.”
    But he added people could still get a calendar sent to them if they needed one:

    “If they do not have access to the internet, they can let us know and we will send one through the post. We can also email the calendar if somebody would prefer to receive it that way.”

    Councillor Price, added: “The authority, and my fellow councillors, have a key role to play in achieving a sustainable climate - but we cannot do it on our own. This is everybody’s responsibility - and we need to work with, and have the support of, our whole community.”

    More information about the recycling service can be found at

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