New Year Litter Warning in Stafford


    Abandoned vehcile

    A senior Stafford Borough Councillor is warning people they will be hit in the pocket if they litter the area.

    The comments follow cases in which people were fined by the courts for dropping litter and abandoning vehicles.

    The three men were made to pay a total of nearly £1,000 by magistrates for the offences.  
    A 31 year old man from South Lanarkshire in Scotland admitted dropping a cigarette butt on the street near the railway station in Stafford. He was given a £60 fine. Two men who abandoned cars in the town were found guilty in their absence. Each were given a £200 fine and ordered to pay £267.50 in costs by magistrates in Newcastle under Lyme.

    The first was a silver Vauxhall Corsa owned by a man from Tyldesley in Manchester. The other a blue Chevrolet Kalos belonging to a man from Doxey.  

    Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said: “The public are rightly angered when they see others treating our borough as a giant dustbin – that is why we have taken a zero tolerance approach to environmental crime, including littering, dog fouling and abandoning vehicles.

    “We have issued many fixed penalty notices in the last 12 months but as these cases demonstrate we are also prepared to take people to court if necessary.”

    He added: “It’s a very simple message, if you litter our borough then be prepared to be caught and fined or prosecuted.”

    All the court hearings took place last month (December).

    Over the last 12 months around 100 people have been given fines or prosecuted for a range of environmental offences.

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