New year, new challenges


Council Leader

Stafford Borough Council Leader, Patrick Farrington, has said they remain on track to deliver ambitious projects and are up to the challenges the new year will bring. 

Councillor Farrington made his comments after being asked to give his predictions for 2023 by the local media. 

He said: “We remain ambitious and on track to deliver improvements to Stafford Town centre, new leisure and cultural facilities in Stone and support for the most vulnerable members of our community. 

“The first phase of work in transforming the Stafford high street gets underway with the renovation of the Market Square - a focal point for the area and an opportunity to bring more events into the heart of the county town.  

“Then there is Westbridge Park in Stone. The work will start in the spring and be completed later this year - with £1.5m to make this a destination park the people of the town and surrounding areas can be proud of. And we are also backing the town’s new Crown Wharf Theatre with £500,000 going towards the project.  

He continued saying he was proud the council could still roll out a strong programme of investment despite the current financial climate.  

“To safeguard key services for local residents and businesses we have agreed to share services with our neighbours at Cannock Chase District Council. A decision overwhelmingly agreed by both local authorities - with a potential saving of £1.2m to the council taxpayer. This move also places Stafford Borough and Cannock Chase in a stronger position when competing for funding, or influencing decision making, from central government. 

“We will continue to support our ‘Warm Spaces’ schemes where venues across the borough are providing a safe place for residents struggling to heat their homes because of energy prices and the rise in the cost of living. 

“And we have also proposed a change to our Council Tax reduction scheme which would mean around 4,500 households having a 100 percent discount on their bill. So some of the hardest hit families will not be paying a penny in council tax from April 2023.” 

He added: “My New Year’s resolutions will be to deliver exciting projects for our borough, bring further investment to our local economy, protect vital services while saving taxpayers’ money, and supporting our most vulnerable.  

“Our council is determined to help make this a good new year for our community.”

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