Plans mean more plots available at traveller site in Stafford


    Plans for improvements to a traveller site in Stafford have been put forward.

    The Stafford Borough Council proposals for the site in the town’s Glover Street will mean at least four more families will be able to move in.

    The work includes new utility buildings, repairing fencing between plots and new car parking spaces. Some previous plots have been removed to help address potential flooding issues raised by the Environment Agency. 

    Although the site has not flooded in the previous 50 years a new flood management plan has also been introduced to help meet Environment Agency standards.  

    Around £170,000 has been set aside for the scheme if it gets permission to go ahead. 

    The application is expected to go before the Borough Council’s Planning Committee soon.

    Councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities and Health, said: “We have a waiting list for plots at Glover Street and if the plans are given permission we would hope to get those families in as soon as possible.

    “We have worked with the existing residents and Environment Agency to come up with a plan that is acceptable and safe for all. We would have liked to have progressed sooner with our proposals but there has been several challenges – not least when other travellers set up illegally on the site causing damage.”

    He added: “I welcome finding a solution to this long and tricky ongoing problem, which will benefit residents in our Borough.”

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