Residents get letters explaining recycling change


    Letters are going out to residents across Stafford Borough this week to explain changes to the recycling service.

    Households will be receiving a new blue bag for paper and cardboard next month in a move that will improve the quality of recycling, ensure recycling stays in the UK for processing – and save money.

    Currently cardboard goes in the mixed recycling blue bin and can often be contaminated by other materials - such as glass - which reduces its quality for selling on. The reusable bag system is already used widely throughout neighbouring Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

    The letters explain why the change is being made and also include a series of answers to some of the more frequent questions that have been asked.

    The blue bin will still be used for tins, plastics and glass with a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be recycled available on the council’s website and will be sent out to homes in the borough along with a new recycling and waste collection calendar.

    Councillor Jonathan Price, the Cabinet Member for Environment at the Borough Council, said it was an important change to the service and hoped that everyone would take the time to read the letter.

    He said: “Already we are receiving feedback from residents about the change and we hope this letter will better inform people about why we are doing this and answer some of the questions we are being asked.”

    He added: “The focus is now on the quality of recycling and with the introduction of the blue bag we will give our residents confidence in what happens with the materials we collect from the kerbside.

    “The move forms part of our climate change strategy that is currently out for consultation and introducing the blue bag will have a positive impact on what we recycle and, importantly, it will ensure it will stay in the UK for processing.” 

    The bags will be delivered to around 59,000 homes from the middle of March and will be collected on the normal blue bin day – with the move expected to save council taxpayers around £130,000 a year. 

    Approximately 52% is recycled from the household waste collection in the borough.

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