Residents urged to get in touch about heating home worries in Stafford 


    Residents urged to get in touch about heating home worries in Stafford 

    A senior councillor in Stafford Borough is appealing for residents to get in touch if they are worried about their heating bills. 

    The call has been made by Councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities and Health at the borough council, following the well-publicised increase in energy prices. 

    There has been a double digit percent rise in prices - the biggest increase since a price cap was introduced in 2019 – and there is concern people will not be able to afford to heat their homes properly. 

    Residents who are on standard tariffs are set to see their energy bills go up by on average £139 a year - and customers who use pre-payment meters will see an average increase of £153. And that increase has come when temperatures are starting to drop. 

    The council is advising residents affected to get in touch for help and advice from its energy advice service, Warmer Homes Stafford (WHS). 

    The borough council works in partnership with local charity ‘Beat the Cold’ to deliver its Warmer Homes Stafford scheme that offers advice to local residents on how to reduce fuel bills, support with accessing funding, advice and information about improving energy efficiency and keeping warm. 

    Councillor Pert is urging residents who are worried about rising heating bills to get in touch with Warmer Homes Stafford now.  

    “A rise in energy costs is never good news, but the timing and scale of this new price cap will be difficult for many residents in the borough still struggling with the impact of the pandemic, with fewer companies offering switching options. 

    “Please do not bury your heads in the sand. If you are worried about how you can afford to heat your home because of the increase in your energy bill then I would urge you to contact Warmer Homes Stafford immediately to get help, advice and support." 

    Martin Peake, Charity Development Manager at Beat the Cold, said: “With the steep increase in wholesale prices, we are expecting energy bills to increase this winter. Warmer Homes Stafford can provide impartial independent advice on energy tariffs, and the steps you can take to keep warm this winter.” 

    You can get in touch with WHS by calling Freephone 0800 677 1785 or visiting

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