A site to behold for young people


    A site to behold for young people

    A new website providing advice on a range of issues facing young people has been launched in Stafford Borough.


    And a senior councillor has said with the increasing use of technology and changes in modern day life the new portal of support can benefit children and their parents with practical ‘down to earth’ advice.


    As well as giving online guidance in a range of subjects such as preventing extremism, bullying, mental health wellbeing, and safeguarding the site also has sections designed for parents and teachers. There is also signposting to a variety of other agencies for support.


    The online portal has been developed in conjunction with high schools, school councils, ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic education’, and pastoral leads, and was launched last week.


    It is part of the Stafford Borough Supporting Schools Programme which will be supporting schools with the new Ofsted framework, being introduced in September this year, and delivering the new curriculum around relationships education which will be a statutory responsibility from September 2020.


    The site has been created by the Borough Council for the local Community Wellbeing Partnership - a collaboration between the authority and a number of other agencies including, police, fire, regional health services and Staffordshire Women’s Aid.


    The new website has been backed by eleven secondary and middle schools in the borough and can be found at www.supportingschoolsstafford.multiscreensite.com/


    Councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities at the borough council, said: “Protecting and safeguarding our children by providing them and their parents with knowledge, advice and guidance on a range of issues is a key objective of the Borough’s. 


    “So having an online portal available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week when people need it, to help them have an insight and understanding or to avoid a point of crisis across a whole range of subjects and issues that are important to our residents is a really valuable tool for our communities.  I hope everyone will have a look at this portal as it is a support network for us all to benefit.  The range of different subject areas we have tackled on this website are those that students and their parents have said are important to them.


    “Providing this type of information, and signposting to where other help can be accessed, can prevent some of the issues that pupils face from escalating. It will also help to build emotional resilience in young people as they go forward in their lives.”



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