Work continues in community for Christmas in Stafford Borough 


    Cllr Farrington

    Streets will still be cleaned, housing officers available to help the homeless, and household bins emptied, throughout Christmas and New Year in Stafford Borough. 

    Several Stafford Borough Council staff will continue working during the traditional festive days off for many people across the area. 

    The council offices at the Civic Centre, Riverway, in Stafford will be shut at 3pm on Christmas Eve and reopen on Tuesday 4 January. But the authority say some staff will be working between those dates - or be on call to help vulnerable residents. 

    For example, on Christmas Day streets in the town centre will be cleaned - following late night celebrations - in anticipation for the traditionally busy Boxing Day for retailers and shoppers. 

    And housing officers will be on call to support those with emergency accommodation around the clock. More information can be found from the council’s website Homelessness - I Have or Will Have Nowhere to Live | Stafford Borough Council ( 

    There are changes to the household bin collection days during the festive period and you can find out more from (link no longer available)

    Borough Council Leader, Patrick Farrington, said: “While many of us will be looking forward to a Christmas break there are many key staff who will be working throughout to help those in need and support our community – and staff at the borough council will be some of them. 

    “They will do this knowing that others will benefit because of their work and I am very proud they are part of our excellent council team.” 

    He added: “I hope everyone will be able to spend time with family and loved ones -especially after the restrictions that were in place last year – and that you will stay safe while enjoying a happy Christmas and New Year.”  

    You can find out how to get in touch with the council at Contact Us | Stafford Borough Council (

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