Our Projects

    Our Health and Wellbeing Team coordinates a number of projects to help provide places for local people to get involved in building a better community, to get involved in a more active lifestyle and to encourage a better quality of life for local people in an throughout the Borough. 

    Walking for Health 

    A programme of short, led walks for people looking to increase their activity gradually in a supported environment and a range of Doorstep Walk maps for people to use at their leisure. 

    Contact: Health and Wellbeing Team
    Tel: 01785 619000

    Visit our Walking for Health page for more information 

    Stafford Borough Council Litter Campaign

    Working with community groups to organise litter picks that can help keep the Borough clean. 

    Contact: Rebecca Espley
    Tel: 01785 619000
    Email: respley@staffordbc.gov.uk 

    Visit our Keep it Clean page for more information 

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