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Outside School Activities

    Ensuring your child's safety - advice for parents

    Activities outside school eg dance schools, football clubs, swimming clubs etc. 

    When we talk about safeguarding, lots of people think about schools being responsible for children while they are there, but the classroom isn’t the only place.  It is important to make sure that children are safe and well cared for.

    Questions to ask - Remember C.H.E.C.K

    Abuse can take place in a variety of situations. Following the historical issues within the Football Association, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Boards feel it is important parents and carers are aware of some of the checks they may want to make before their child starts an activity, and that activity leaders know about their responsibilities.

    Keep them safe in activities. It’s okay to C.H.E.C.K with the people leading the activity:

    • C - Are you confident they have the right qualifications to lead the activity?
    • H - Do they have a history of delivering activities?
    • E - Are they experienced in running activities for children and young people?
    • C - Have they undergone any necessary police checks?
    • K - Do they have a good knowledge of their safeguarding responsibilities?

    Remember, you can ask to see evidence if you are unsure. 

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