Parish Election Results 2023

Elected Councillors by Parish/Town

Candidates marked with (E) have been elected.

Chebsey Parish

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
AINSWORTH-HICKMAN Margaret   119 (E)
EDGE Sarah Elizabeth   95 (E)
FOSTER Donna Marie   81 (E)
HOPLEY Richard John   111 (E)
JONES Robert Glyn
(Known as Bob Jones)
Retired Accountant 67 (E)
LAWSON Julie Veronica   70 (E)
LLEWELLYN Dianne Elizabeth   32
SAMRA Balbir Singh   60 (E)
  Turnout 37.22%
  Total Rejected 1

Eccleshall Parish Ward

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
DALE Elizabeth Mary
(Known as Libby Dale)
  377 (E)
DALE Gordon Thomas   437 (E)
FENEYSEY Daniel Nathan
(Known as Dan Feneysey)
HALL David
(Known as Dave Hall)
Independent 411 (E)
HAWKES Deborah Frances   277
HILL Deborah
(Known as Debbie Hill)
  448 (E)
JONES Joy Elizabeth   270
JONES Peter Wallace   352 (E)
REID Antony Forbes
(Known as Ant Reid)
  450 (E)
RYAN-BLOOR Cherry Francesca   419 (E)
TAYLOR Rosalyn Lillian
(Known as Ros Taylor)
  420 (E)
  Turnout 33.95%
  Total Rejected 17

St Michael's Town Ward

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
BELL Simon Michael John Conservative Party Candidate 440
(Known as Jim Davies)
Stone Independents 634 (E)
(Known as Lin Davies
Stone Independents 634 (E)
KENNEY Beverley Jane
(Known as Bev Kenney)
Stone Independents 736 (E)
THORNICROFT Clive Howard Stone Independents 683 (E)
TOWNSEND Robert Keith Stone Independents 745 (E)
WILLIAMS Kathryn Ann Labour Party 332
  Turnout 34.34%
  Total Rejected 4

Stonefield and Christchurch Town Ward

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
BEST Andrew Robert Stone Independents 552 (E)
FORDHAM Ian David Stone Independents 809 (E)
HARDING Adrian Clive Conservative Party Candidate 428
KELT Thomas Declan
(Known as Tom Kelt)
Stone Independents 691 (E)
(Known as Rob Kenney)
Stone Independents 823 (E)
LEASON Philip Anthony Stone Independents 789 (E)
OSBORNE-TOWN David Michael
(Known as Mike Osborne-Town)
Labour Party 541
YOUNG Peter Nicholas Labour Party 418
  Turnout 31.79%
  Total Rejected 6

Walton North Town Ward

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
BRISCOE Heidi Joyce Labour Party 174
DAWSON Kerry Elizabeth Rose Stone Independents 293 (E)
LOCKWOOD William Paul
(Known as Bill Lockwood)
Labour Party 170
METTERS Jason Christopher Stone Independents 221 (E)
POWELL Jonathan Simon
(Known as Jon Powell)
Stone Independents 282 (E)
  Turnout 20.89%
  Total Rejected 4

Walton South Town Ward

Name of Candidate Description Result
(E) Elected
BATTRICK James Robert Stone Independents 694 (E)
BURGESS Angela Ford
(Known as Angie Burgess)
Stone Independents 542 (E)
HOLMES Adrian John Bryan Labour Party 326
HOOD Jill Stone Independents 913 (E)
MOTTERSHEAD Amber Stone Independents 513 (E)
POWELL Nancy Elizabeth Stone Independents 717 (E)
  Turnout 32.21%
  Total Rejected 5


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