Recycling and Waste - Plastic in Blue Bin

    Yes Please

    Household Bottles: Bath Foam, Bleach, Conditioner, Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, Hand Wash, Milk, Mouth Wash, Shower Gel, Soft Drinks, Suntan/after sun

    Tubs, trays and pots: Butter, Fruit Punnets (grapes, strawberries etc), Food Trays (not expanded polystyrene), Ice Cream, Margarine, Yoghurt

    Other: Cling Film, Carrier Bags (empty), Egg Boxes

    No Thanks

    Biros and Felt Pens, Bubble wrap, Buckets, Christmas Decorations, Coat Hanger, CDs and DVDs (discs), Computer Floppy Disks, Costume Jewellery, DVD/CD cases, Deodorant (roll on), Disposable Drink Cups, Disposable Cutlery, Empty Plant Containers, Flower/plant pots, Hot Water Bottles, Hosepipes, Household Waste Bins, Lamp Shades, Pet Beds, Plastic Furniture, Polystyrene (Expanded), Spectacles, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste Tubes, Plastic Toys, Tupperware, Videos and VHS, Washing Up Bowls.

    For information about recycling other items in your blue and brown bins.

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