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R U Treated Badly?

    9308_R_U_Treated_BadlyYoung people are being controlled, ripped off, hurt and emotionally abused in their relationships. The Treated Badly campaign  is aimed at these people who may not see the signs of a bad relationship; it shows individuals how to spot the signs, who to contact and also provides a test to see how your own relationship is.

    The Treated Badly website shows individuals how to spot the signs, who to contact, has a relationship test to see how your relationship is and also provides stories of bad relationships from both sides.

    The campaign has been funded by Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire Matthew Ellis, who hopes it will help educate teenagers on what is acceptable, and what is not, in a relationship, and where they can go if they feel they have been a victim of abuse.

    The campaign teaches teenagers that it is not just physical, but can come in the form of controlling behaviour, emotional, financial of sexual abuse, it can range from checking a partner’s phone or spending their money without their permission to pestering them to do things they do not want to.

    R Ur Children Being Treated Badly?

    Most people think that abuse in relationships only happens to adults, not true this can happen to anyone of any gender and at any age. The Treated Badly campaign also has help for parents and teachers so they can also get involved in the campaign too by visiting the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board website, which features a new area to help parents spot the warning signs and talk to their child about relationship abuse.

    R U Needing Help?

    If you feel you need confidential help right now call Child Line on 08701111 if you are under 18.  If you are 18 or over call Staffordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0300 330 5959. 

    You can also visit: 

    Twitter: #treatedbadly
    Facebook: Treatedbadly

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