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Safer Neighbourhood Panels

    Safer Neighbourhood Panels, set up by the Police and Crime Commissioner, are made up of local residents, local councillors and magistrates who meet regularly with their area’s local policing commander.

    The panels shape local policing and community safety and shine the spotlight on the work done by police in their area to ensure greater transparency and help build public confidence.  They examine the impact of policing, community resolutions and restorative justice, on their communities.

    Panel members receive training to help them carry out their role so that they can be involved in innovative work such as examining body camera footage captured during “stop and searches” by local officers.  Safer Neighbourhood Panels give local people the opportunity to hold policing in their area to account.

    For further information please contact the Corporate Business and Partnerships Team by emailing: or please visit the Safer Neighbourhood Panels website.

    Below are the agenda and minutes to safer neighbourhood panels.

    Previous minutes and agendas are available from Ella Smith, Tel: 01785 619595, email:

    Agenda Minutes
    6 February 2019 (pdf 85kb) 6 Feburary 2019 (pdf 109kb)
    13 November 2018 (pdf 113kb) 13 November 2018 (pdf 103kb)
    8 August 2018 (pdf 144kb) 8 August 2018 (pdf 112kb)
    2 May 2018 (pdf 112kb) 2 May 2018 (pdf 111kb)
    7 February 2018 (pdf 112kb) 7 February 2018 (pdf 117kb)
    6 December 2017 (pdf 111kb) 6 December 2017 (pdf 110kb)
    18 October 2017 (pdf 112kb) 18 October 2017 (pdf 105kb)
    19 July 2017 (pdf 119kb) 19 July 2017 (pdf 111kb)
    21 June 2017 (pdf 119kb) 21 June 2017 (pdf 113kb)

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