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Saving Energy - Signpost Centre, Highfields

    9425 - Signpost Centre HighfieldsThis way to energy saving!

    Ken Down, who looks after the Signpost Centre at Highfields, shares his energy saving journey so far:

    “When I began my job I soon discovered what a lot we were spending on electricity bills, especially over the winter.

    I wondered if there was more we could do to improve the energy efficiency of our building, to not only save us money - which could be put to better use in our community work - but also to improve our carbon footprint. 

    We thought a good place to start would be to improve insulation. Our building on Highfields is rented from Stafford Borough Council, and, after going through the right channels we got quotes for both cavity wall insulation and extra loft insulation. We were able to obtain a grant via the Council as part of their programme to support sustainable development and tackle climate change. The cavity wall insulation was thus installed in early July. We also eventually found funding for loft insulation. 

    Since then we have been able to save energy in another way - and now have some prominent new cycle parking stands outside the Centre too.

    Ken Down, Area Manager, Signposts (Stafford) Ltd,
    T: 01785 223860

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