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St Peter's Church - Solar Power

    9423 - St Peters ChurchSt Peter’s Church has been
    a leading light when it comes
    to ‘being green’ and looking after our planet.  It has become wholeheartedly involved in a range of projects to care for the environment.

    St Peter’s had an energy audit carried out, which identified ways to save energy and reduce bills. 
    As a result a heating control timer was fitted to the heating system and improvements to the insulation in the community centre roof were made. Cycle parking has also been installed at the church and community centre to encourage people to cycle, and recently there have been several initiatives to promote wildlife, including children’s wildlife activity days where youngsters made bird feeders, built dens, made bird boxes, planted wildlife friendly plants, created insect homes and made a hedgehog box.

    The most recent initiative has been the installation of a solar photo voltaic system on the roof, which will generate 7 kilowatts of electricity, helping reduce electricity bills, as well as providing an income from the Feed in Tariff. The panels will also be a prominent example of the commitment of the church to renewable, environmentally friendly forms of energy.

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