Sustainability and the work of Streetscene

    Tending Plants at Riverway NurseryThe Council’s Streetscene service is responsible for looking after Stafford Borough's public spaces and provides a range of services that enable Stafford Borough residents to live in a community that is clean and tidy.

    Much of their work focuses on care for the environment and can contribute towards sustainable development.

    Streetscene aim to be eco-friendly, reducing fuel use and minimising waste, as much as possible. They ‘chip’ green waste, which can be collected for use by schools to use in their school grounds and gardens. They have installed 198 solar panels at the new ‘Solar Farm’ on the Riverway Nursery site, as well as covered cycle parking to encourage people to bike to work.

    Streetscene is working with other Council teams and partner organisations on a new initiative, the Community Awards.  This is an award scheme open to individuals and organisations able to demonstrate that they have improved community wellbeing and promoted good environmental and sustainable development practice.

    Streetscene encourage and support Community Litter Picks, and can loan litter pickers and provide green bags to groups and organisations who wish to arrange litterpicks – they’ll then arrange a suitable time and place for you to leave the bags and collect and dispose of them for you.

    The team regularly work with businesses, community and residents' groups, schools, parish councils and other organisations.

    Tree WorkOther duties include Grounds Maintenance and Street Cleansing incorporating grass cutting, road sweeping, cleaning up dog mess, emptying litter bins, tending to council owned trees, removing dead animals from roads and pavements and cleaning council owned toilets.

    Streetscene also provides the floral displays in Stafford and Stone town centres, maintains Green Flag accredited Victoria Park, Stafford and Stafford Crematorium as well as other formal parks in Stafford and Stone. Another is Environmental Crime, which includes dog fouling, fly tipping, graffiti, dropping litter, abandoned vehicles, fly posting and vandalism.

    The public can support Streetscene by telling them where particular localised problems are. To report problems please email or call on 01785 619000.  More information on Streetscene.

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