Sustainability - Waste and Recycling

    It's great to recycle! Did you know, every household in Staffordshire and Stoke produces about 1 tonne of waste every year?  This amounts to 600,000 tonnes each year, enough waste to fill the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham nearly 5 times over!  At the moment a third of our household waste is recycled, a third is turned into energy at the Hanford Waste to Energy Plant in Stoke on Trent and a third is landfilled at sites in Staffordshire and Stoke.  It makes sense to reduce our waste and re-use and recycle as much as we can.

    Luckily in Stafford Borough we have an excellent and easy to use recycling service provided by the Borough Council which includes our blue bin, paper caddy and brown garden waste bin.  We also have very good facilities at the St Alban's Recycling Site. where increasingly, what was once 'waste' is now separated for re-use.  To find out more visit:

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