Sustainable Schools in Stafford Borough

    Our schools are involved with all kinds of amazing activities and projects that are helping the local environment and therefore also protecting our planet and its people as a whole.

    These activities are very varied, engaging with youngsters across the board in all kinds of ways, and including children who sometimes find the ‘conventional day’ difficult.

    Eco-activity is often pupil-led and encourages whole school involvement. It also encourages closer links between schools and their communities. It offers many benefits for individual pupils, developing their knowledge and skills and improving their well-being. There are also many benefits for schools, often including an added bonus of saving money.

    From conservation projects in school grounds, to switch-off campaigns; from growing fruit and veg, to recycling and re-using materials; our young people are full of both ideas and action.

    Find out more about why we are so proud of our ‘Sustainable Schools’ - and how we are trying to help - on the pages below.

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