Temporary Arrangements for Taxi Trade - Coronavirus Advice

    Taxi Medicals - Update

    If you have missed your taxi medical due to Covid-19 or are due for a medical in the coming months, please be aware that the normal facility at Cannock Hospital are now able to accommodate these again.

    Please note that when attending for appointments, drivers will need to be wearing a face covering (this does not need to be surgical mask).  It is important to note that you will not be allowed into the entrance of the hospital unless wearing a suitable face covering.

    It is important that you arrive on time to your appointment and the hospital ask that you do not arrive early; this will help maintain social distancing rules.

    We ask you adhere to these instructions; failure to do so will result in you not being able to undertake your medical and your dual driver licence may be suspended as a result.

    Protective Screens

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to protect both drivers and customers, Stafford Borough Council is working to help the trade to continue working where possible throughout the outbreak, with steps to mitigate the risks to drivers and passengers.

    There have been a number of questions from drivers regarding the use of protective screens and Stafford Borough Council have no objections to the use of these partitions/safety screens, provided that:

    • The screen must comply with government and industry regulations and Stafford Borough Council’s requests as the Licensing Authority.
    • Be clear and transparent and fitted across the rear of both front seats, creating a partition between the front and rear cabin area of the vehicle.
    • Be cleaned regularly between fares/driver changes.

    The screen must not:

    • Have a solid frame
    • Affect the structural integrity of the vehicle, or interfere with any manufacturer fitted safety equipment eg airbags.
    • Wrap around the driver seat and create a partition between the two front seats, in addition to the rear cabin area.
    • Be home-made, non-approved or be constructed of plastic sheeting

    If any driver wishes to fit a protective screen in their vehicle, they must first notify the Licensing Team in writing, either by email ehlicensing@staffordbc.gov.uk or by letter, including confirmation that the vehicle’s insurance will be amended to include the protective screen as fitted.  Drivers are reminded to inform us if it is their intention to fit a screen. These must be genuine screens and should be fitted by a professional in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.”


    Vehicles must be cleaned with normal household disinfectant after each fare, including (but not limited to) door handles, seats, window winders, seat belts, and card payment devices, if applicable.

    Drivers should also wash their hands after each fare and a thorough clean of the vehicle with disinfectant should be completed at the end of each shift/working day; doing these things will reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

    Information for all Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Proprietors - Renewals Only

    There have been some changes in government guidelines which has resulted in some garages and similar businesses being allowed to re-open. These premises include all of our MOT testing stations therefore the normal procedure for undertaking your taxi MOT test and compliance check is now available.

    Six-month licences are no longer an option.

    We would still appreciate the electronic submission of taxi application forms and associated documents (V5, insurance certificate, etc) at the present time.

    Please ensure you make your renewal in plenty of time to enable staff to complete the process in time and produce your plates, due to the current working arrangements.

    Please see Licensing for more details.

    Thinking of stopping altogether

    We appreciate at this difficult and unprecedented time, some of the taxi trade may want to stop working altogether to both protect themselves and the general public, however, please remember that if you stop your vehicle insurance payments then your vehicle licence also becomes invalid.

    If you decide this is what you want to do at this current time, you must email ehlicensing@staffordbc.gov.uk / or call 01785 619745 stating your intention to stop working and then return your vehicle plates back to Stafford Borough Council and leave them in our Reception / or place in the post box if they fit. Your vehicle record will be updated with this information.

    You will need to re-apply for a vehicle licence when you decide to start work again.

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