The Penkside Project

    The Penkside Project was set up as a multi-agency partnership, to address a range of socio-economic and environmental challenges in the Penkside (Silkmore and Rickerscote) area of Stafford.

    The partnership had the following aims:

    • To improve community engagement
    • To make sure resources are used more effectively and deliver services the community want, need and will use
    • To address inequalities
    • To contribute towards a more sustainable community

    The project initially began in around 2010 and early work was led by four Task and Finish Groups, focusing on different priority areas, namely: environmental improvements, conservation and carbon reduction; health and well-being; crime and perception of crime and; opportunities for employment.

    These four Task and Finish Groups, working with various agencies and local groups and organisations, brought about a range of successes and achievements.

    For instance, the impact of the Your Environment Group includes: accessing grant funding in excess of £75,000 for practical environmental action in the area; 100 home energy audits to help householders save money and energy; energy audits in community buildings and local business premises; installing solar panels at Silkmore Primary School and St Peter’s Church; wildlife audits at the Church and School – and lots of practical action to support wildlife and create habitats; as well as a big emphasis on promoting and supporting cycling.

    Perhaps the greatest success of all is that, through this project have emerged 'The Penkside Community Champions'. The ‘Community Champions’, having formed an official, constituted group have gone from strength to strength, setting up projects, running events and responding to the needs of the local community, within the Rickerscote and Silkmore area. This is an great example of a sustainable community success story!

    For more information please visit Penkside Community Champions.

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