Walking for Health and the Environment

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    Walking for Health aims to improve the nation's health and wellbeing by encouraging more people to become physically active through the simplest form of exercise, walking.

    A health walk is a short, purposeful walk undertaken on a regular basis, although, walking at any speed, can be beneficial.   To be good for the heart your walk should be 'brisk' (ie more than just a stroll). As well as improving physical health, organised walks can help improve mental wellbeing by providing an opportunity to socialise and a distraction from everyday stress.

    To find a walk near you see the Stafford Walkwise Timetable

    Maybe you would like to become a health walk leader?

    Volunteer Health Walks Leaders are specifically trained to lead health walks and health walks groups in Stafford Borough. There are several established health walks groups across Stafford in need of additional Health Walks Leaders or perhaps you are interested in setting up a new health walks group in your area.

    Free training and support is available. For more information on becoming a Health Walks Leader contact the Health and Wellbeing Community Support Officer on 01785 619675 or via email at walking@staffordbc.gov.uk.

    Doorstep Walks

    We have created a number of Doorstep Walks to encourage individuals and groups to walk more in their own time. These walks will:

    • Help the 'walker' to explore all sorts of interesting features in their neighbourhood
    • Encourage walking and the pursuit of healthier lifestyles
    • Make use of the Public Rights of Way network. But beware, a few sections of the walk can become muddy and wet at certain times of the year. Boots and wellies are recommended!

    While these walk descriptions are regularly reviewed, conditions do change. If you have encountered any changes on the routes please let us know by emailing health@staffordbc.gov.uk or telephone 01785 619000.

    Doorstep walk routes in Stafford are:

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