Coronavirus - what your local parish council is doing to help


    Alison Horton
    01785 280447

    Local WhatsApp Group


    Ms K St Leger
    01782 551250 / 07769 356680

    Volunteers leaflet dropping
    Working with Community Groups and St John’s Church
    Check Website for information


    Mrs Sue Fullwood


    Mr S J Wilkes
    01785 780955

    May be a leaflet drop with Mr Wilkes as main point of contact


    Mrs J Davies
    01785 598434

    Keep checking website


    Mrs E Harrington-Jones
    01785 663198

    Local Churches and WI Groups

    Church Eaton

    Mrs D M Key
    01785 282922

    Seighford and Church Eaton have Facebook pages
    Local Community Groups


    Mr M Lennon
    01889 882665 / 07378 145397

    Local Facebook pages
    Councillors communicating with local community groups
    Information regarding help available in the area is published on our website


    Nikola Evans


    Nikola Evans
    07592 708464

    Local churches
    Keep checking website


    Stacey Worden
    01785 282296

    Eccleshall Today – Facebook page
    Community Support Register – link on parish website
    information can be found here


    Mrs C Little
    01952 813510


    Mr L Anderson
    01782 385187


    Miss J Cooper
    01785 822685
    Leaflet delivery
    Leaflet on Website with contact numbers
    Helping it's community with a helpline for anyone to call if they need help with shopping, collection of prescriptions, food parcels or anything else they need help with. The helpline number is 07947 104411


    Mrs S Atkins
    01785 840845

    High Offley

    Stu Ridgewell
    07583 783 367


    Nikola Evans


    Mrs Catherine Gill
    Hixon Parish Council is supporting the Hixon Community Association (a re-brand of the CHEF committee) who are intending to provide help and support for vulnerable people and those self-isolating due to age or having / possibly having the virus. A leaflet is due out soon from this Association.

    Hopton and Coton

    Mrs S Gibson
    07943 150713

    Local community groups

    Check the dedicated coronavirus page on hopton and Coton Parish Council's website for further help.

    Hyde Lea

    Mr D L Jones 
    01785 780229

    Ingestre with Tixall

    Mrs J Davies
    01785 598434

    Milwich with Fradswell

    Ms D Plant
    01889 502757
    It would be useful for the Parish Council to know who, in the vulnerable group (over 70 years old for example), is isolating at home so that they can compile a list. Please phone your councillor (Dawn Plant 07919 911938) to give your details. Similarly if anybody not needing to isolate is willing to help out those vulnerable groups, with for example shopping or just a phone call now and then, please also give them your details.


    Miss Jayne Cooper
    Co-ordinating help for those who are self isolating - posting leaflets through doors.


    Gayle Whelan
    07961 455045

    Salt and Enson

    David Croxford  
    07594 002590

    Local churches
    Keep checking website

    Sandon and Burston

    Mrs T Gould
    07503 167538

    Councillors are making contact with local vulnerable residents. Please contact one of your local Councillors or contact Tina Gould on 07503167538 if you require help. A Good Neighbour Scheme is being considered by the Council.



    Mr D Wright
    01785 661182

    Stone Town Council

    Les Trigg, Town Clerk

    Town Council are supporting the Stone Helpline telephone service for anyone in need, and the local Stone Community Hub charity are operating a food bank from Town Council premises.

    Stowe by Chartley

    Mrs Catherine Gill
    Stowe by Chartley will be working with Hixon Parish and looking to support the Residents of Stowe also.


    Mrs M Adams
    Churches in area

    Weston with Gayton

    Mr D Croxford
    07594 002590


    Ms N Sargeant

    Yarnfield and Cold Meece

    Mr J Fraser 
    07546 456771
    Setting up community group to offer support.
    Sending leaflets to whole parish to offer help to people that are self isolating and ask people if they are able to offer their support to these people.
    Collating a database of people who can offer help and support.

    Stone Rural

    Mrs L Davies
    01785 811123 / 07811 375623


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