Your bin service - Coronavirus updates

    General Waste (green bin)

    This service is currently operating as scheduled, please put your bin out for collection by 7am.

    Recycling (blue bin)

    This service is currently operating as scheduled, please put your bin out for collection by 7am.

    Paper and Cardboard (blue bag)

    The majority of the Borough has now received the new blue bag for recycling and cardboard.  Don’t worry if you haven’t, we are still delivering some bags this week.

    If you have not received your initial blue bag (not additional ones) by Thursday 2 April 2020 please email with your address details.

    You should have received a leaflet with your blue bag, if you didn’t you can download a copy.  Please see our webpage for more information about the blue bag and the blue bin.

    Do you live in a flat with a bin store or communal collection point?

    Don’t worry that you have not had a blue bag – we are making different arrangements for flats with bin stores or communal collection points.  We will shortly be sending out letters explaining your new arrangements for recycling paper and card.  Larger grey bins with blue lids, marked as paper and card only, will be delivered to your bin stores over the next few weeks – start using them as soon as they arrive.  In the meantime, continue with your current arrangements as your recycling will still be collected and sorted properly.

    Communal Grey Bin FAQs

    Garden Waste (brown bin)

    This service is suspended until further notice, please see below.

    Why have you suspended the garden waste service?

    The Council has taken the decision to suspend the garden waste collection service following a reduction in available recycling and waste collection crews due to coronavirus.  This decision will allow Veolia, our recycling and waste service provider, to focus resources on providing the green bin (general waste) and blue bin (recycling) services.

    My bin is still out for collection, what should I do with it?

    Please take your brown bin back on to your property if it has not been emptied by the end of Monday 23 March 2020 as it will not be emptied until further notice.   

    It’s full, what do I do now?

    Please do not transfer the contents of your brown bin into your green bin.  All material in the brown bin can be composted at home in an existing compost bin or by creating a compost pile in a section of your garden.

    Advice on home composting can be found at

    When will the service start again?

    We don’t know. Our priorities are currently to empty the green bins (general waste) and the blue bins (recycling).  We will advise all residents when the garden waste service is able to resume.

    Household Waste Recycling Centres – St Albans Road, Stafford and Beacon Road, Stone

    Staffordshire County Council have taken the decision to shut these sites until further notice.

    Waste Handling at Home Advice 

    Households that are self isolating should follow the UK Government's 'Stay at home' advice which states:

    • Store personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths securely within disposable rubbish bags. Please do not place any of these items in your recycling containers as they will not be collected.
    • Place these bags into another bag, tied securely and keep separate from other waste. 
    • These bags should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external general waste bin.

    Please dispose of your other household waste as normal and ensure all rubbish bags are all securely tied to help prevent spills and protect our collection teams and the public. 

    Special Collections for Large Items

    This service has been suspended until further notice.

    Civic Amenity Site Visits

    This service has been suspended until further notice.

    Please keep checking this page as we will update regularly.

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