Trade Union Facility Time

Under the Local Government (Transparency Requirements) Regulations 2014 the Council is required to publish certain information concerning Trade Union Facility Time.  That information is found below:

  1. Stafford Borough Council recognises the following trade unions: UNISON and GMB(MPO) and can have representatives for all.

  2. There are no full time trade union officials within the Council.

  3. The total number of employees who are trade union representatives is as follows:

  • UNISON:  3 Persons (3 Full Time Equivalents)
  • GMB(MPO)  2 Persons (2 Full Time Equivalent)

  1. No trade union representative spends more than 50% of their time undertaking trade union responsibilities.

  2. Trade union activity in the workplace amounts to approximately 150 hours in 2014/15 across all of the trade unions at an estimated cost of £2,540 per annum based on the average salary of all representatives.

  3. Spending on trade union activity represents approximately 0.02% of the total pay bill for the Authority
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