Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) 2021 - Environmental Crimes

    Date Served Offence Location
    18.01.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Cannock Chase
    21.01.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Austin Friars, Stafford
    11.03.2021 Duty of Care Cocknage, Stoke on Trent
    11.03.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Northesk Street, Stone
    16.03.2021 CPN Bradley, Stafford
    16.03.2021 PSPO Bradley, Stafford
    26.04.2021 Duty of Care Hixon
    26.04.2021 Fly Tipping  Bedford Avenue, Stafford
    26.04.2021 Fly Tipping  Great Haywood
    26.04.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Stone
    26.05.2021 Duty of Care Chatcull
    08.06.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Mustang Drive, Stafford
    11.06.2021 Fly Tipping Cannock Chase
    16.07.2021 Duty of Care Yarnfield Lane
    16.07.2021 Abandoned Vehicle Fieldway, Blythe Bridge
    31.08.2021 Abandoned Vehicle North Castle Street, Stafford
    01.09.2021 Duty of Care Newport, Shropshire
    06.10.2021 Duty of Care Stafford and Stone Canoe Club
    01.11.2021 Fly Tipping Stallington Road
    23.11.2021 Fly Tipping Swynnerton

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