General Election - 8 June 2017

    The General Election was held on Thursday 8 June 2017.

    Election Results

    The Candidate marked with an (E) is elected


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    LEFROY Jeremy John Elton  The Conservative Party Candidate  28424(E)
    PEARCE Tony Green Party    1265
    TINKER Christine Mary Liberal Democrats    1540 
    WILLIAMS David   Labour Party   20695 
      Turnout 76.04%

    Total number of rejected ballot papers - 122


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CASH Bill  The Conservative Party Candidate  31614(E) 
    HALE Sam  Labour and Co-operative Party  14119
    LEWIS Martin Wyn  Liberal Democrats    2222 
    PANCHERI Samantha Jay The Green Party      707
    WHITFIELD Edward Henry  UK Independence Party (UKIP)     1370
      Turnout 73.91%

    Total number of rejected ballot papers - 99

    Election Information

    Candidates and Agents Briefing

    A briefing session for prospective Candidates and Agents at the forthcoming UK Parliamentary General Election took place on Monday 8 May 2017.  If you require any further advice/information please contact the office on 01785 619424 or email us at


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    • How to vote (voting by proxy, post or in person) - If you wish to apply for a Postal Vote it is important that you contact the Elections Office on 01785 619424 as soon as possible. The date the Postal Votes are dispatched varies from election to election and if you are applying for a Postal Vote because you are going away, we strongly advise you to contact the office to clarify dates.


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