Japanese Knotweed

You must prevent Japanese Knotweed on your land spreading into the wild and onto other land.

It is not illegal for a person to have Japanese knotweed on their property but a landowner can be prosecuted or given a community protection notice if the weed is allowed to spread to adjoining land or property. Prosecution can also occur if you do not dispose of it in line with government guidelines. 

You must not:

  • put any part of it in your green garden waste bin, black wheelie bin or compost bin
  • take it to a tip, recycling centre or waste transfer station
  • dump or fly-tip cuttings

More information can be found on GOV.UK

The Council is not responsible for removing Japanese Knotweed unless it is on or has originated from Stafford Borough Council land.

If the Knotweed is on private land you should approach the landowner directly regarding this matter. 

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