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Community Safety - Anti-Social Behaviour

    Anti-social behaviour can take many forms and can severely affect your quality of life.

    It can include noise nuisance, graffiti, street drinking, verbal abuse, rowdy behaviour by groups of people, neighbour disputes and hate incidents.  Both victims and perpetrators of anti-social behaviour can be of any age or from any background.

    Stafford Borough Council is part of the Safer Communities Partnership and we are working together with a number of partners, including social landlords, Police and other agencies to resolve complaints of anti social behaviour.     

    There are new powers now available to Local Authorities to help us to tackle anti-social behaviour.

    What to do if you feel you are a victim of anti-social behaviour

    If you feel you are a victim of anti-social behaviour it is important that you collect as much evidence as you can.

    It is good practice to keep a diary of the incidents, making note of:-

    • Times and dates;
    • Location of the anti-social behaviour;
    • What is happening;
    • Any details of the perpetrators.

    Once we have enough evidence we can see what action, if any, we can take.     

    We need as much information as possible to deal with your complaint effectively.  We may also share and discuss your complaint with partner agencies so they can assist in finding a resolution.

    You will be updated with progress by the lead agency dealing with your complaint.

    If your complaint is about a neighbour dispute we do ask that you try to resolve the issue by approaching your neighbour in a calm manner about the problem before contacting the Police or Stafford Borough Council.

    If you are renting from a local housing provider you should contact them directly regarding any neighbour disputes.

    You can report your anti-social behaviour to Stafford Borough Council by completing the online form or by phoning 01785 619000.

    You should report any anti social behaviour that is happening at the time to Staffordshire Police tel: 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.

    Community Trigger

    If you have been working with agencies to try and resolve the anti-social behaviour and it has not been resolved, or you are not satisfied with the response, you can apply to activate a Community Trigger.

    To apply to activate the Community Trigger, the locally defined threshold needs to be met which is:-

    • Three complaints of anti social behaviour in the last six month period with the most recent complaint being made within the last month;
    • You feel that no or insufficient action has been taken;
    • You are an individual, a business or a community group.

    You can activate a Community Trigger on someone else’s behalf, however, the individual concerned must give you their consent to do so.

    If an application is made to activate the trigger, it will be discussed at a multi agency meeting to decide whether the threshold has been met.  Other factors such as persistence and vulnerabilities will be taken into account.

    You will be updated as to whether the threshold has been met.  If it has, then a case review will take place at a multi agency meeting.

    You will then be updated with the outcome of the case review.


    You can apply to activate a Community Trigger by completing the online form

    This information will then be passed to Staffordshire Police who will alert other relevant agencies.


    If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Community Trigger you can make an appeal, for more information please see the Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review Appeal Process (pdf 28kb)


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