Coronavirus cash for businesses who slipped through funding net

More than one million pounds will be available next month (June) to small businesses in Stafford Borough who have not been covered by existing grant schemes.

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Builder gets rubbish bill

A self-employed builder who illegally dumped rubbish near a village in Stafford Borough has been handed a £400 fine.

Builder rubbish

Help catch those responsible for enviro grime

People are being asked for information on rubbish that has been dumped illegally at villages in Staffordshire.

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Chance to zoom in on council Covid-19 response

More than £20 million for small businesses, 96% of office-based staff able to work remotely within two days of lockdown, and a 20% rise in recycling were just some of the highlights shared by senior councillors regarding the work of the authority during the coronavirus.

Cllr Patrick Farrington

Popular project in Stafford ongoing

A scheme run by Stafford Borough Council and Central England Co-op has delivered around 300 food parcels to residents.

Co-op Shopping

Council’s coronavirus response on the agenda

Senior councillors in Stafford will be giving an update on the local authority’s response to the Covid-19 crisis at a meeting today (5 May 2020).

Leader of the council

Garden Waste collection resumes

The garden waste collection service in Stafford Borough has resumed.

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Change in law allows crematorium grounds in Stafford to reopen

The burial grounds at the crematorium in Stafford have been reopened following a change in the law.

Garden of Remembrance

Support available for anyone affected by domestic violence

Support is still available to anyone affected by domestic abuse across Stafford Borough during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Garden Waste collection in Stafford Borough to return

The garden waste collection service in Stafford Borough will resume from next week (27 April.)

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