1900 residents to get £90 knocked off council tax bill in new cost of living help



More than 1900 households in Stafford Borough will have money knocked off their council tax bill in another move to help those hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis. 

The latest announcement will see anyone who is already entitled to a reduction in their council tax having their annual bill cut by a further £90. 

The move follows hot on the heels of Stafford Borough Council agreeing to a change in rules which will see more than 4,500 residents not pay a penny in council tax from April. 

The government provided funding to the borough council with the only condition that they pay at least £25 to those who receive partial Local Council Tax Reduction (LCTR) when the bills go out next month. But the council said it will be able to reduce bills by £90 because of its new LCTR scheme - without local tax-payers picking up the tab. 

The average Band D tax-payer will see a weekly rise of just 6p a week in their bill to pay for services from the borough council from this April. 

Last month it was revealed a change to the LCTR scheme would see an extra 1700  households paying no council tax in the new financial year. The 100 percent discount will be made automatically so people will not need to apply for it.    

Councillor Mike Smith, Cabinet Member for Resources, said he was pleased that they could now help even more lower income families who were suffering most because of rising costs. 

“Not only have we continued to keep council tax low - and we are one of the few councils who are not increasing it to the maximum permitted - we are also providing financial support to those who need it most.  

“We have been able to waive council tax for an additional 1700 residents - that’s around 4,500 paying no council tax from April - and now we will be taking a further £90 off the bills of 1900 more households.” 

Changes to the LCTR scheme were unanimously backed by councillors at a meeting last week (Tuesday 21 February).

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