Everybody needs good neighbours - Stafford nuisance could face jail


A Stafford woman could face being sent to prison if she continues being a nuisance to her neighbours.

The woman was served a court injunction following a catalogue of complaints such as playing music loudly, trespassing, and shouting and swearing. 

The issues arose at the woman’s rented property in the Beaconside area of the town. A judge was told that other attempts to put a stop to the behaviour had not worked. 

In granting the 12-month injunction, the judge said it was clear the neighbours had suffered ‘annoyance and nuisance’ from the anti-social behaviour. 

If the order is breached the woman can be brought before a court and face a possible prison sentence. She must also prevent visitors to her house from causing issues with her neighbours. 

The neighbours, who are in their sixties, had complained to Stafford Borough Council about sleepless nights and other issues because of the anti-social behaviour from next door.  

The injunction is aimed at preventing nuisance or annoyance from: 

  • Shouting or swearing at such at volume that it can be heard by others outside the property 
  • Smoking cannabis 
  • Banging or slamming doors 
  • Trespassing on the neighbours’ property 
  • Dogs barking incessantly, excessively, or for prolonged periods 
  • Playing music loudly  
  • Making abusive comments to the neighbours 

The woman had continued the poor behaviour despite the borough council serving her previously with community protection warnings and notices. 

Councillor Jill Hood, Cabinet Member for Communities at the borough council, said people had a right to not have their quality of life disrupted by thoughtless neighbours. 

“It is not fair that people’s lives are made a misery by nuisance neighbours who care very little about who they are hurting. A couple in their 60s should not have to suffer the mental and physical effects that this type of behaviour can cause and I hope this court action serves as a warning that it will not be tolerated.” 

People wanting to find out more about how to make a complaint of anti-social behaviour should go to www.staffordbc.gov.uk/anti-social-behaviour-complaints

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