Fly-tipping is no Mynor offence for Stafford councillor 


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A senior councillor has warned litter louts that they could face court action if they dump rubbish illegally in Stafford. 

Councillor Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment at Stafford Borough Council, made his comments after a woman was fined when several bags and toys were dumped at the rear of terraced houses in the town. 

Mother of two, Phoebe Keiher, aged 23, of Mynors Street, Stafford pleaded guilty to a fly-tipping offence when she appeared before magistrates. She was ordered to pay fines and costs of £294 by the court in Newcastle Under Lyme. 

After a tip off from a resident an enforcement officer at the borough council visited the site and found black domestic waste bags containing children’s toys (pictured).  

The court was told she claimed not to have left all the bags at the service road behind Mynors Street.  

After the case last week, Councillor Winnington said: “Fly-tipping can have a serious impact on an area and residents who take pride in their community demand action is taken against those who blight the area. 

“Those who illegally dump rubbish should expect to be fined or prosecuted and face a criminal record - so I hope this case will serve as a warning to others who think it is acceptable to fly-tip in Stafford Borough.” 

He added that the local authority needed help from members of the public to report instances of environmental crimes - such as littering or abandoning vehicles - so they could take action against the offenders.  

More than 500 cases of fly-tipping have been reported in the last 12 months in the Borough costing around £30,000 to clean up. 

To contact the council in confidence email or call 01785 619402. The council also has a dedicated webpage - - to highlight illegal rubbish dumps - and how residents can get in touch with information. 

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