Litter campaigner calls foul on courts lenient fine for dog mess crime in Stafford 


A litter campaigner said she was disheartened by the ‘lenient’ court fine handed to a woman who did not clean up after her dog. 

Michala Black, who runs litter group the Barlaston Womblers, expressed her disappointment after hearing about the £40 fine imposed on a Stafford dog owner. 

And a local resident who provided evidence to help prosecute the woman described the punishment as too ‘lenient.’ 

The woman was seen letting her dog foul on a pavement in the town’s Doxey area -then walking off without picking it up. 

She was originally served a £100 fixed penalty notice by Stafford Borough Council but was taken to court when it was not paid.  

Magistrates in Newcastle-Under-Lyme fined her £40 for the dog fouling offence and ordered her to pay a £16 victim surcharge when she admitted the charge. 

A 37-year-old man, who wants to remain anonymous, provided the local authority with photographic evidence of the offence taking place saying he was disgusted with what he saw. 

He said: “It is disgusting, anti-social, and an environmental crime. Lots of children play in that vicinity and could have easily stepped or fallen in it - which could lead to serious illness. 

“I am disappointed at the fine the court has given. It is unduly lenient and will hardly deter others - especially as it is considerably less than the fixed penalty notice that the offender originally received.” 

The offence happened in September last year with the case being dealt with by the court in March. 

Michala said: “I am livid. This is so disheartening to all those who give up their time trying to keep their community clean and tidy.  

“It is difficult enough for the authorities to catch the culprits of littering, fly tipping and dog fouling - but when they do you hope the offenders will be given a punishment that will send a warning to others. 

“There is also the added expense, time and resources of taking these cases to court.” 

She added: “The £100 fixed penalty should be the minimum fine because there is really no excuse for people to not clean up after their dogs.” 

To report an environmental crime in confidence - such as dog fouling or littering - email or call 01785 619402.

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