Team proves to be Force of nature to help council with eco work 


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A community group in Stafford has teamed up with the borough council on a project to encourage more wildlife to an area of the town. 

Rising Brook Ground Force have stepped in to help collect the cuttings after the borough council agreed to let the grass grow to help nature flourish. 

Since the start of the year the grass on the verge on the main A449 in the town’s Rising Brook area has not been mowed - with residents reporting an increase in plant and insects in the area. 

But that left a mammoth clear up task after the grass was cut in August - and this is where members of the ‘Ground Force’ team and residents stepped in to help. The local Co-op also provided drinks and cakes to the volunteers. 

The group was set up 18 months ago to support biodiversity and allow people to get closer to nature. They hold regular litter picks, set up bat walks and talks, as well as organising ‘botany’ tours for schoolchildren. Their work has been supported with grants from Severn Trent’s ‘Community Fund’ and ‘National Grid Community Matters.’ 

The grass cuttings collected are being naturally composted by the council.  

Chair of the borough’s Climate Change and Green Recovery Panel,’ Roisin Chambers, said it was a great example of the community working for the benefit of their neighbourhood. 

“It is fantastic to see groups taking the initiative and working with the council on projects that will benefit not only the health of the environment - but can also have benefits for the mental health of residents and visitors who can enjoy nature.  

“Allowing the grass to grow has increased the variety of plant and insect life there. That’s more invertebrates and pollinators and people have told us they have seen more birds and wildflowers in and around the verge.” 

She added: “I hope other residents and organisations will see this work and want to make a difference in their area and we would be happy to share advice about how you can go about getting things set up.” 

The team distributed leaflets to traders, the library and the church explaining what was happening and have received hundreds of positive comments from local people.  

Councillor Tony Pearce, Cabinet Member for Climate Change at Stafford Borough Council, said: “What a great example Rising Brook Ground Force are of a group who care about their community and the environment - then rolled up their sleeves and decided to do something about it. I am really pleased the council could support them on this excellent initiative. 

“There is no bigger issue facing our planet today than the effects of climate change and it is up to us all, residents, businesses, councils, voluntary groups and Government to do what they can to protect our world today and for future generations.”

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