Top tips to stop BBQs leaving nasty taste in Stafford residents’ mouth 


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Food safety experts are warning residents to take care in the barbecue season so that they don’t fall ill. 

Every year there are around 2.4 million cases of food poisoning across the country with an increase during the summer months - which can often be linked to BBQs. 

Now Stafford Borough Council is asking people to follow some easy tips to ensure the traditional BBQ doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste in the mouth - and the stomach. 

All the tips and further information can be found at but briefly they include: 

  • Keep food covered and chilled until you are ready to cook on the barbecue 
  • NEVER wash raw chicken or any other meat 
  • Make sure frozen meats are defrosted before putting it on the barbecue and  
  • Consider cooking meats in the oven first - then give it a final finish on the BBQ 

Last year the local authority received around 100 confirmed cases of food poisoning in the borough.  

Councillor Ian Fordham, Cabinet Member for Environment at the council, said:  

“The smell of a bbq announces Summer and thousands will be enjoying their food outside in the coming weeks. We hope residents will keep safe and not spend time in bed or even in hospital due to poor food hygiene or undercooked sausages or burgers.  

“So, if you are planning a bbq, follow the advice and keep your family and friends safe.” 

More details about the risks of food poisoning, what you can do to avoid it, and if you need to report, can be found from the borough council’s website at Food Safety - Food Poisoning | Stafford Borough Council ( 

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