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Silkmore Primary School - Solar Power

    9422 - Silkmore Primary - mini wind turbinesSilkmore Primary School officially launched its solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels with a fantastic afternoon of ‘hands on’, green science and technology.

    The PV project was instigated by the ‘Your Environment Group’ as part of the  Penkside Project and will provide many benefits to the school.

    The solar panels will provide pollution free, renewable, green energy for the school, helping reduce electricity bills, as well as providing a very useful income from the Feed in Tariff. They will be a fantastic teaching facility for children, helping them learn about renewable energy, energy issues such as climate change – and encouraging energy conservation too.

    The project aims to ‘showcase’ the benefits of solar energy to other schools in the Borough and provide a ‘this is how we did it’ guide for the many other schools in the area who have expressed an interest in renewable energy projects.

    The initiative is a great example of partnership working, with several organisations and individuals helping bring it to fruition.  

    Funding has come in part from ALSTOM Grid UK Limited and Grosvenor Power, with a contribution from Stafford Borough Council. The pay back period for the system is less than eight years.

    The initiative has also involved the Stafford Area Community Solar Discount Scheme (SACS), a partnership project between Sustainability Matters, MEB Total Ltd and the Borough Council.

    Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, who were active members of the ‘Your Environment Group’ led the children’s workshops. These involved making ‘solar boats’ (then racing them!), building ‘water wheels and windmills, and analysing real time data from the solar panels.  The workshops were followed by a whole school ‘celebration assembly’ with parents, families, guests and sponsors.

        9422 - Silkmore Primary - solar boats  9422 - Silkmore - solar powered scientists

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