Energy Issues and Climate Change

Saving energy not only helps homeowners, businesses and organisation save money but helps protect our environment.  Using energy more wisely can help us to tackle climate change, one of the most pressing global issues faced today.

The Council is committed to reducing its own CO2 emissions and minimising its impact on the environment and also works with communities, schools and other sectors across the Borough to promote and support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Working with the Community

The Council aims to promote and support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy across the Borough, whether in the home, at work, in school or elsewhere.

Schools, Community Buildings and Churches

At school, saving energy or installing renewable systems, can save money as well as provide fantastic learning opportunities. We have helped arrange energy audits and energy improvements in several community halls and churches too. Here are some examples of projects in our local schools, community centres and churches:

We promote energy efficiency and seek to encourage concern regarding climate change in many ways - via theatre productions, talks and presentations, environmental art initiatives, ‘green roadshows’, at our schools’ Eco-Action Day, through our annual Green Awards and more.

Climate Change

Our climate is changing due to human activity. Here are some websites where you can learn more about climate change and what you can help do about it:

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