Tattoo Hygiene Ratings

Alchemy 13 Tattoo and Barber Co

8 Radford Street, Stone ST15 8DA

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 14 November 2018

Altered Ego

104a Wolverhampton Road, Stafford ST17 4AH

Hygiene Rating: 2

Date of Inspection: 25 January 2023


2 St Mary's Place, Stafford ST16 2AR

Hygiene Rating: 1

Date of Inspection: 13 October 2015

Black Tide

Paul Reynolds Centre, Foregate Street, Stafford ST16 2PJ

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 26 October 2015

Body Art Studio

104a Wolverhampton Road, Stafford ST17 4AH

Hygiene Rate: 3

Date of Inspection: 9 November 2015

Dezign Tattoo Studio

45 Gaol Road, Stafford ST16 3AR

Hygiene Rating: 3

Date of Inspection: 12 November 2015

Enhance by Daryl Lynn

15 Birkholme Drive, Meir Heath ST3 7LR

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 25 September 2017

Entity Tattoo Studio

3rd Floor Bedford House, Church Street, Stone ST15 8BD

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 18 November 2015

Flawless Nails and Beauty

Unit 3 High Street Arcade, Stone ST15 8AU

Hygiene Rate: 3

Date of Inspection: 26 February 2018


34a Eastgate Street, Stafford ST16 2LZ

Hygiene Rating: 3

Date of Inspection: 8 October 2015

Inkfinity Tattoo Studio

45 Eastgate Street, Stafford ST16 2LY

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 11 October 2018

Marked One

Unit 1 North Walls, Stafford ST16 3AD

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 17 May 2016

Molly Harvey Permanent Cosmetics

107 Marston Road, Stafford ST16 3BX

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 16 February 2017


15 Wolverhampton Road, Stafford ST17 4BP

Hygiene Rating: 3

Date of Inspection: 8 March 2019

Tattoos at 58

58 Foregate Street, Stafford ST16 2PR

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 12 November 2015

The Black Sage Gallery

31 High Street, Eccleshall, Stafford ST21 6BW

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 15 March 2022

The Descent of Man Tattoo

41 Mill Street, Stafford ST16 2AJ

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 27 February 2020

The Powder Room

(Within Haywood Hair Studio), Main Road, Little Haywood, Stafford ST18 0TU

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 6 March 2017

Vivid Ink

8 Lichfield Street, Stafford ST17 4JX

Hygiene Rating: 4

Date of Inspection: 13 October 2015

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