Textile and Clothing Collection

It is really easy to recycle your old clothes and textiles. To take part, simply put your clothing and textiles in a carrier bag (or white bin bag), tie up and place it next to your waste and recycling on your normal collection day.

This can either be your Blue bin or Green bin collection day.

What can be collected?

Yes Please No Thanks 
All clothes No wet items
Socks No dirty or oily items 
Shoes, boots and slippers (paired and placed in the same bag) No duvets, quilts or sleeping bags
Hats, scarves and gloves  No bed linen or blankets 
Handbags and belts No pillows or cushions 
  No carpets 

Please remember that items not listed above will not be collected!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put more than one carrier bag out for collection?

Space is very limited on the collection trucks therefore it is preferable if you put the items out as they become unwanted and not store them until you have several items. Don’t forget the items can be put out on either the green bin or blue bin collection day.

What happens to the items?

Once they have been collected the items are taken back to the depot in Stafford and emptied into a special container and when this is full it is taken to a sorting plant. Here, they are sorted according to quality and from there the items can either be reworn, processed into new products or recycled.

Why can't these unwanted items be put into the blue bin if they all go for recycling?

Textiles which are placed in the blue bin get entangled with other items which makes it very difficult for the other contents in the bin such as cans, glass and cardboard packaging to be sorted by the conveyor belts at the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility).

Can the items be left on top of the bin rather than at the side?

It is preferable to leave your items at the side of the bin rather than the top for safety reasons. Items could be knocked by passers by or blown off in the wind.

Tel: 01785 619402
Email: info@staffordbc.gov.uk
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