Community Safety in Stafford Borough

    Stafford Borough Community Wellbeing Partnership work together to ensure that the Borough continues to be a safe place to live, work and socialise. The partnership focus on a prevention and early intervention approach to tackling issues in the Borough.

    The priorities of the Community Wellbeing Partnership are:

    which are informed by evidence contained in the Strategic Assessment

    Staffordshire Commissioner

    We are funded through the Staffordshire Commissioner. As part of his commitment to local communities, the Staffordshire Commissioner has made available even more money to improve community safety, reduce crime and disorder and to increase public confidence.

    Applications to the Proceeds of Crime Fund or the People Power Fund should meet at least one of the local community safety priorities and also support one or more of the four priority areas set out in the Commissioner's Safer, Fairer, United Communities Strategy. 

    The Staffordshire Commissioner also aims to increase public confidence by keeping residents informed of local issues through the following channels:

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