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Community Safety in Stafford Borough

    Stafford Borough Safer Communities Partnership (SCP) work together to ensure that the Borough continues to be a safe place to live, work and socialise. The partnership focus on a prevention and early intervention approach to tackling issues in the Borough.

    Did you know that during 2016/17:-

    • The Supporting Schools Programme was rolled out to 1 Pupil Referral Unit; 1 Independent Special School; 1 Middle School (part of the initial pilot) and 1 Primary school (part of the initial pilot). All high schools have now signed up to the programme.  Since Entrust have been commissed to co-ordinate the programme there has been increased networking between agencies to better understand their role and the offer they can make to the supporting schools programme. There is 1 agency meeting per school term. The schools have noted that the programme has been extensive and far reaching and there has been increases in reporting across the board, in a positive way. Students have become more aware of the topics and issues identified in the programme.
    • The Right Stuff were commissioned and have worked with 16 Looked after Children and engaged with 14 female victims of domestic abuse, 7 children of survivors of domestic abuse also now attend the Right Stuff club.
    • 19 Sanctuaries supported for victims of domestic abuse
    • 10,000 swatch cards had been produced and distributed, advising about internet safety and how an individual can protect themselves from cyber bullying or malicious communications.
    • 27 referrals were made to Heatun  during 2016 - 2017 requiring support with criminality associated issues; accommodation support; substance misuse; budgeting; mental health needs and wider vulnerabilities.

    The SCP commissioned a strategic assessment which highlighted the following priorities in the Borough:-

    • Domestic Abuse
    • Anti-social Behaviour and Criminal Exploitation
    • Alcohol and Mental Health

    These are the priority areas that the partnership will take forward, utilising the Supporting Schools Programme as the vehicle for the delivery of prevention, awareness and early intervention support. The SCP work closely with the Office of the Police Crime Commissioner. The Police Crime Commissioner allocates funds via his Locality Deal Fund to fund initiatives that help to reduce crime in the local area. The refreshed community safety plan has been aligned with the PCC’s Safer, Fairer, United Communities Strategy and will run for a period of three years. For more information please go to the Police and Crime Commissioner of Staffordshire's website.

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