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Community Safety in Stafford Borough

    Stafford Borough Safer Communities Partnership (SCP) work together to ensure that the Borough continues to be a safe place to live, work and socialise. The partnership focus on a prevention and early intervention approach to tackling issues in the Borough.

    Did you know that during 2017/18:-

    The Supporting Schools programme has now been rolled out to

    • 9 High Schools
    • 1 Pupil Referral Unit
    • 1 Independent Special School
    • 1 Middle School (part of the initial pilot)
    • 8 Primary Schools

    Since Entrust have been commissioned to co-ordinate the programme there has been increased networking between agencies to better understand their role and the offer they can make to the supporting schools programme. There is 1 agency meeting per school term. Supporting Schools is now an agenda item on the PLT (Pastoral Leaders Team) meeting which sits under and reports back to the DIP (District Inclusion Panel).  The schools have noted that the programme has been extensive and far reaching and there has been increases in reporting across the board, in a positive way. Schools have acknowledged the impact of the delivery of sessions by agencies.  Students have become more aware of the topics and issues identified in the programme.  Schools understand that Stafford Borough Council is fully supportive of the issues within their communities. This has been shown further in the development of a website to support the messages delivered as requested by the senior leaders as a result of attending the PLT meeting.

    The number of individuals reporting to CACH from Stafford Borough has increased by 18% for the same period in 2016/17 (29 to 34). The number of incidents reported to CACH from Stafford Borough has increased marginally.  Individuals being supported to report to the police remains around 60%.  CACH have provided direct education sessions to 485 students in 17/18 an increase of 59% with more sessions booked in.

    20 victims of domestic abuse have been able to remain in their own home through the Sanctuary scheme.

    73 victims of sexual abuse/violence have been supported by the ISVA service during the year.

    105 referrals to support children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

    56 new referrals were made to Addiction Dependency Services during the year.  This provision supported vulnerable people to engage with services to assist with parenting skills, assistance to enter work, education of further training, involvement in positive community activities, support with housing support, benefits, home fire risk checks and job workshops. 


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