Council Owned Garages

We have a number of garages you can rent across Stafford borough:

  • Fairway, Stafford
  • St Vincent Road, Stone
  • The Crescent, Eccleshall

Apply to rent a council garage

You can rent a garage to park your vehicle, mobility scooter, boat or motor mower.

Garages can be used for storage but all possessions must be removed before the tenancy ends - ending a garage tenancy.

You can't store inflammable materials or liquids.

Useful to know

Our garages are suitable for small to medium vehicles.

The waiting list is long and people with mobility issues will get priority.

Apply by contacting, giving your:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address

How much it costs

The garage rent is £12.60 per week.

After you've applied

We'll email you to let you know you've been added to the waiting list.

If you owe us money, we won't accept your application until this has been resolved.

Rental Terms and Conditions

You will be given a copy of the rental agreement to read through before signing.

If you miss a rental payment

You must contact us as soon as possible on 01785 619 223 if you miss a payment.

If you don't pay we can take your rental garage away.


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