Council Tax and NNDR electronic billing

    What is e-billing?

    E-billing is the new way to receive your Council Tax or Business Rates bill. Instead of getting a traditional paper bill we will send your bill by email.

    What are the benefits of e-billing?

    E-billing provides a faster, more efficient and convenient way to receive and check your bills. Here are some of the advantages:

    • You can view your bill as soon as it is available and keep a copy on file.
    • Each person named on the bill can receive a copy of the bill at their own email address.
    • Bills are issued direct to the intended recipient and are not delayed by post.
    • It helps the Council to reduce our printing and postage costs.
    • It reduces our use of paper. 

    How do I register for e-billing?

    To register to receive e-bills, simply fill in the online form or, contact the Revenues service on 01785 619279.

    What if my circumstances change?

    To inform us of a change in name, or address please use our online changes form.

    To apply for a Single Person Discount fill in our online Single Person Discount form.

    If you simply want to register your contact details with us then please use our My Details form.

    Or, if you want to revert back to paper bills or, your email address has changed let us know by completing the online form or contact us on 01785 619279 or email us at

    Any further questions?

    Please contact the Revenues section by telephoning 01785 619279.

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