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Empty Homes Loan

    The Council has developed an interest free loan to help owners of empty homes bring their property back into use.


    • The property must be owned by the applicant, have been empty for over 6 months and be located within Stafford borough.
    • The loan will cover up to £10,000 of renovation works to bring the property up to a reasonable letting standard, i.e. be warm, weatherproof and have reasonably modern facilities.  If the amount of works required exceed this limit the property will not be considered for the scheme unless the owner agrees to cover the cost of these additional works.
    • There must be sufficient equity in the property to be considered for the loan. This will be determined by Stafford Borough Council. Loans will be secured by a legal charge on the property which will be registered with the Land Registry office.
    • The property will be viewed, initially by the Empty Homes Officer, to assess its suitability for the scheme, e.g. condition, size, location.  If acceptable a further visit will be made by an Empty Homes Officer/Environmental Health Officer  to draw up a schedule of works
    • The owner must produce the following documents if the property is to be let out:

      -  An annual gas safety certificate
      -  An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    • The owner/s must be a fit and proper person as set out in the Housing Act 2004, Part 2, i.e. they must NOT have:

      -  Committed any offence involving fraud or other dishonesty,   
         violence, drugs or any offence in Schedule 3 to the Sexual 
         Offences Act 2003

      -  Practiced unlawful discrimination

      -  Contravened any provision of the law relating to housing, or of 
          landlord and tenant law. 
    • Should the owner/s intend to let the property they must agree to let under the terms of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy.
    • The council reserves the right to refuse the offer of a loan.

    An assured shorthold tenancy is a tenancy made under the terms of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by Housing Act 1996 where a tenant can occupy the property for a fixed term of a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum of 5 years at market rent.

    Empty home owners can apply for a loan by downloading, completing and returning the Empty Homes Loan Application Form  (pdf 52kb) and the Empty Homes Loan Terms and Conditions (pdf 199kb) document to the Council.

    If you wish to discuss the Empty Homes Loan further, contact the Housing Standards Team on 01785 619000.

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